The 5 Best Digital Bathroom Scales (2023)


Best Overall Digital Scale

Eufy Smart Scale C1

Height of Display Numbers: 1 inch | App-Enabled: Yes





Weight not available in stones

The Eufy Smart Scale C1 is the most accurate performer in our testing. Its sensors and app organize a suite of interesting and engaging data. The app is clear, and the device itself is available in two different pleasing and compact visual packages. When we crunch the numbers, the Eufy scores at the top. Even better, its top-notch performance is coupled with an affordable price tag. You can pay a lot more and not get the accuracy and clarity of this Eufy Smart Scale C1.

Our only gripe is a minor one. Citizens of the British Commonwealth watch their body mass in stones. Some scales report in stones (in addition to standard pounds and kilograms), but the Eufy Smart Scale does not offer this measurement. Aside from this one minor drawback, this scale is the one we'd recommend to most users. You can use it as a simple bathroom scale or with its app and various data types to watch metrics with greater resolution. App-tracking is our preferred way to monitor changes in body weight. We find that tracking these changes in graphic form is a motivational and concise way to record your progress. You don't need to remember exactly how your weight is changing; the app knows for you.

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Best Bang for the Buck

EatSmart Precision Digital

Height of Display Numbers: 1.3 inches | App-Enabled: No



Fairly accurate


No memory or app recording

Only one visual look option

The EatSmart Precision Digital Scale is one of the best from start to finish. When it comes to reliability, accuracy, and visual appeal, EatSmart is in with the best of the best. If you don't want or need your weight recorded automatically by an app, it is the best. It is only the lack of an app that sets the EatSmart behind the Eufy Smart Scale. When you consider the low purchase price of the EatSmart Scale, its performance is impressive.

Its value comes with limited visual options, but none of our experts found the look to be too problematic. For those that don't want or need app-enabled body weight tracking, the EatSmart Digital Scale is your top choice and the best value. If you are organized enough to remember your body weight and process the trends in your head, you can save a bunch over smart scales with the Eatsmart.

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Best Features

Withings Body+ Composition

Height of Display Numbers: 0.6 inches | App-Enabled: Yes


Captures all the body metrics possible

Tells you the weather each morning

Very simple look



Plastic construction feels light and flimsy

The Withings Body+ Composition Smart Scale is clever and comprehensive. Fitness and health experts recommend that you weigh yourself in the morning after using the bathroom, before putting on any clothing, and before consuming anything. Before putting on clothing is also a good time to check the weather; the Body+ does this for you. It isn't a detailed forecast, but it does give you a rough idea of temperatures, cloud cover, and precipitation. In most cases, that is enough information on which to base any clothing choices left to make. How clever is that? Learn your weight and what to wear at the same time. Having both bits of data input can serve as motivation and structure to your morning. If you lose interest in your weight, the weather will keep you coming back. If you tend to discount the importance of monitoring the weather, looking at your weight will bring the weather into the front of your mind. Use technology to your advantage.

Getting weather on your Withings scale requires connecting it to your WiFi network. The upshot of this is that your data is automatically synced to the HealthMate App without needing your smartphone right nearby. Everything else about the Withings Body+ Smart Scale works fine. However, our team members' perceptions of the appearance of this product varied. Everyone appreciated the simple look, but some thought it seemed bigger than necessary. Slick integration of weight capture and weather forecast delivery technologies makes this a smart choice for the discerning, routine-oriented user.

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Excellent Ease of Use

Taylor Precision Digital

Height of Display Numbers: 1.1 inches | App-Enabled: No


Reliable performance

Three different visual configurations available at purchase


Middle-of-the-road accuracy

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No backlight on the screen

No app sync

The Taylor Precision Digital Scale is a solid option that comes in a few different designs. Choose the one that suits your aesthetic, but know you can count on the same performance regardless. The accuracy is relatively average. However, before you get too wrapped up in accuracy, put it in context; accuracy is a measure of how closely the logged weight is to actual weight. For most people, actual weight is less important (especially when variation in even relatively inaccurate scales is less than 5%) than relative values. Most are watching their weight to watch for changes. Perhaps the only exception we can think of is competitive athletes in disciplines that organize competitors by body weight, like wrestling and weight lifting. If you are using the same scale and using the same weighing procedure (time of day, clothing), you will note any variation in your weight, even if the scale isn't 100% accurate.

We would've appreciated a backlight on the screen to aid in early morning weigh-ins when your eyes are a bit foggy. All the other scales that we tested have illuminated on-device screens of some sort. All in all, though, this is a solid option. Choose your format of the Taylor Digital Scale and count on a reasonable performance that fits your decor.

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Best for Calorie Consumption Estimation

EatSmart CalPal

Height of Display Numbers: 1 inch | App-Enabled: No


440 pound capacity

Above-average accuracy

On-device memory


No app

The EatSmart CalPal is a sort of hybrid scale. It has more features than a typical basic scale, but it doesn't feature the app or advanced metrics of a smart scale. You can program four different profiles into the CalPal for four different people. In addition to measuring and displaying your current weight, this EatSmart remembers some things about you and does some basic calculations. Essentially, you enter your gender, age, height, and rough activity level; the CalPal then calculates your BMI and the number of calories you need to consume to maintain your current weight. This scale also measures a greater weight (up to 440 pounds) than the other options we tested. All the others top out at or just under 400 pounds.

The form is larger and less sleek looking than the other options, and the setup requires navigating a series of on-device buttons and screen menus. Once set up, it will stay configured until you change the batteries or the batteries die. We recommend this scale for those needing more capacity and data storage but don't require or want app-enabled smart scale performance.

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Gives a Variety of Data

Renpho Bluetooth Body Fat

Height of Display Numbers: 1.1 inches | App-Enabled: Yes


Red, lit LCD screen

App sync


Small platform

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The Renpho Bluetooth Smart Scale is compact, slim, and syncs to a smartphone app via Bluetooth. In terms of accuracy, the readiness of the data, and other data features, it competes directly with the Eufy Smart Scale. For the most part, the Renpho should be considered right alongside other high-scoring contenders. This Renpho is a decent deal. Its price is in line with the other smart-scale options, and its performance is better than some of the non-app-enabled options. Technological advancements in monitoring health and fitness are surely trickling down to lower-priced options.

Our only issue with this scale is the smaller standing platform, but this caveat is small at best. For those that prefer a slim design smart scale at a good price, this might be the one for you.

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Smartscale at a Bargain

Bveiugn Body Fat

Height of Display Numbers: 0.9 inches | App-Enabled: Yes



Variety of body metrics recorded


Moody accuracy

Only available in black

The Bveiugn Smart Scale is a bargain-basement entry to the field. Many of our top-performing products are very inexpensive; this is a rare category in which the best performers are not even close to the most expensive. Compared to the Eufy Smart Scale, the Bveiugn is just a little less in cost. That might be enough to tip the balance, so to speak. We appreciate the number of metrics there are with app-enabled integrations.

While the price is right, you certainly get what you pay for. The readings on the Bveiugn Smart Scale were all over the place during our accuracy testing. It's also far more touchy than the other options, so it's best to remain as motionless as possible when weighing. The reading it does produce can sometimes vary by significant amounts. Of all the products we tested, this scale proves to have the most error. In the realm of pure subjective examination, our internet search for any evidence of a web presence for a company named Bveiugn led us down a dead-end road. All we know about this product is a result of packaging labels and other retailer websites. While this isn't inherently bad, we found it rather odd. The Bveiugn is best for those who don't need post-purchase service and enjoy Smart Scale functions.

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Simple and Inexpensive

Etekcity Digital Body Weight

Height of Display Numbers: 0.9 inches | App-Enabled: No


It just displays your weight

Neutral, inoffensive appearance


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Just displays your weight

No stones units

The Etekcity Digital Scale is clean and straightforward. When you stand on it, it quickly records your weight and communicates it to you with blue, backlit numbers that are just under an inch tall. You remember or note your weight manually and come back again at whatever interval you choose. There is no app or memory with the Etekcity scale. The price is right, and we found it to remain reasonably accurate through our test period and across a range of tested weights from 20 pounds to 230 pounds. Etekcity tells us that it will work up to a maximum weight of 400 pounds.

Unfortunately, this scale does not come with a stone measurement and has no app integrations. If you need a simple scale for the simplest of weighing tasks, check out this model.

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Why You Should Trust Us

Long-time team member Jediah Porter oversaw testing and review writing. Jed is a life-long health and fitness practitioner and the ultimate exponent of living a "quantified life." He keeps spreadsheets of his health and fitness metrics and has for decades. He understands what makes that pursuit easier and what isn't required. Further, Jed consulted with a small and passionate group of co-testers in all stages of health and fitness tracking.

To evaluate and review digital scales, we apply our familiar, rigorous, and comprehensive testing regimen. We performed accuracy tests with weights of known mass across a wide range and then performed statistical analysis on the data to reinforce our findings. We used each scale daily for almost a week to see how helpful and usable the data and interface are. We learned a great deal about what motivates and organizes habitual behavior like daily weight tracking to provide excellent recommendations for your needs.

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The 5 Best Digital Bathroom Scales (28)
The 5 Best Digital Bathroom Scales (29)

Analysis and Test Results

We examined data readiness, aesthetic nature, accuracy, and availability of other types of data for every tested body weight scale. We compared them to one another, which you usually can't do in a cost-effective fashion, and used each in the context of health and fitness monitoring and improvement just like you will.

Data Readiness

Basically, how usable is the measurement or measurements made by each scale? To assess this metric, we examined app integration (when available), display size and lighting, and the types of units each scale generates.

Having an app to automatically record what your scale measures are the biggest data readiness advantage. With an app, you can step on the scale first thing in the morning, before coffee or clothing or food, and then move on. The scale and app work together to log the data, and then you can review it at your leisure and in a way that allows you to track trends.

We tested four scales that include app integration. This list of so-called smart scales, unsurprisingly, top our entire chart but are, on average, more expensive. The Eufy C1, Withings Body+, Renpho Bluetooth, and Bveiugn Smart Scale all send your weight and at least some other data to a smartphone app in one way or another. None of the others employ apps.

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The size and lighting of the on-device display also affect the utility of the data captured. If your weight is displayed, but you can't read it, it is not that useful. All but the Taylor Digital Scale feature lit displays, and the EatSmart Scale has the largest numbers on its display. Three of our four award winners have display numbers greater than one inch in height. The Withings Body+ has weight numbers that are only 0.6 inches tall. This one displays more information on its screen (including today's weather forecast!) than any others, but the size of the weight numbers suffers as a result. We like larger, well-lit numbers. Maybe you will be weighing yourself before you even put glasses or contacts on for the day. Don't discount easily read displays.

Finally, in terms of data readiness and usability, let's talk about units. Each scale we tested communicates in both pounds and kilograms. This covers most of the users around most of the world. Certain areas, generally those with extensive British influence, use stones as a unit of body weight measure. Not all scales include the display of stones. Tested scales from Withings, Renpho, Bveiugn, and EatSmart display your weight in stones. The rest do not.

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For 99.99% of its life, your scale will sit in your bathroom or bedroom closet unused. For it to be used, it must be handy. For it to be handy, it must be visible. If it is going to be visible and largely unused, it must be visually appealing. We assessed visual appeal almost entirely subjectively and simply had each of our testers rank them. Between testers, aesthetics rankings were not unanimous but came close, and we were able to identify clear patterns. The simplicity of appearance is held high regard; simpler appearing scales were more appealing scales.

After our subjectivity assessment, we gave a bump to those scales that have decor options. For most, this means two different colors. The Withings, Renpho, and Eufy scales are available in black or white color schemes. The Taylor Digital Scale is available in three different design schemes, while the Bveiugn, Etekcity, and EatSmart scales are only available in one look. If and when aesthetics matter, you are more likely to find something that works for you when there are visual options in the product.

Subjectively and averaged for the preferences of the whole test team, we ranked the scales in this order, from prettiest to least: Eufy, EatSmart Precision, Withings, Bveiugn, Taylor, Renpho, EatSmart CalPal, Etekcity.

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First, the scales we tested varied very little from one another. The maximum variation across the range of tested scales was never more than a couple of percentage points. Next, how important is accuracy? You will likely use your scale to watch patterns in your body weight, and you need to know what you weigh today relative to yesterday or a year ago. As long as you keep clothing and time of day consistent, you will learn what you need if the scale's numbers vary from your actual mass.

Competitive athletes in sports (wrestling and weight lifting, for two) that sort participants by bodyweight might be more concerned with actual accuracy. Further, if you weigh yourself in multiple settings, having all of those scales be close to accurate is of value. Therefore, we tested for accuracy. The best would have been to test each scale with a range of known weights. Given how inherently accurate the scales are, securing known weights across a range was impossible. Whether we used weightlifting plates or water, we found more variation in the prospective test weights than we did between the scales.

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Ultimately, calculating accuracy was purely mathematical. We took four different measurements with each scale, across a range from 20 pounds to 230 pounds. Assuming that variation was not systematic (i.e., all scales don't always read high, for instance), we took the average measured weight (from all devices) to be very close to the true weight. We assessed each scale's average variation from that actual weight. In doing so, we found some patterns.

Without a doubt, the Eufy Smart Scale C1 is the most accurate. On the other end, and backed up by anecdotal observations while testing, is the Bveiugn Smart Scale. We found the Eufy to be eight times more accurate than the Bveiugn. Again, different clothing or slightly different hydration strategies will yield more significant weight differences than you'd see on these opposites. Only with rigorous adherence to uniform weighing protocols will the accuracy of any scale actually matter. All of them are close enough to monitor normal weight changes in a person with average discipline.

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Other Data/Features

Every scale we tested measures your weight, but some do at least a little bit more. The EatSmart Precision, Etekcity, and Taylor scales do nothing more than monitor your weight. The EatSmart CalPal measures your weight and also calculates your Body Mass Index; it estimates the number of calories you can consume each day to maintain your current weight.

The so-called smart scales all have apps, and all take some additional measurements. Virtually all the additional measurements that a smart scale captures are deduced from a measure of your body's resistance to a very faint (undetectable) electrical current. None of this data is as accurate as the more directly measured counterparts, but all different things that a smart scale attempts to communicate are deduced from the same resistance measurement.

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Body metrics that smart scales report include, but are not limited to, body fat %, BMI, bone mass, body water %, skeletal muscle mass, body age, subcutaneous fat, and visceral fat. These are interesting and all completely intertwined. Basic weight measurements are the most valuable of all data collected by a scale.

The top choice Withings Body+ smart scale adds another attribute that none of the others have. Provided you connect it to your WiFi network, the Withings will show you a basic weather forecast for the day. If you are weighing yourself before clothing or food or drink for the day, this little bit of info can help guide your wardrobe choice. This is neat, and we found it handy. You might also.

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Tracking your body weight in a sustainable, useful fashion requires good body weight or a bathroom scale. Chosen well and incorporated into your routine with minimal hassle, a bodyweight scale can add valuable health and fitness data to your life, and may even work in conjunction with your favorite smartwatch. We hope that our information and testing are of service to you in your choice. We aim to test at least one product that will work for you. We scoured the market and selected a broad and deep range of excellent products. We trust that our findings are useful and clear.


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