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Narcissists are always on the lookout for new supply. They are never satisfied with one person and are always looking for someone new to admire them. There are several signs that a narcissist has a new supply. One sign is that the narcissist will start to talk about the new person all the time. They will try to make you jealous by talking about all the great things the new person does for them. They will also downplay your importance in their life and try to make you feel like you are not good enough for them. Another sign is that the narcissist will start to neglect you. They will not return your calls or texts, and they will start to cancel plans with you at the last minute. They will also start to flake on you and not show up when they say they will. If you notice these signs, it is likely that the narcissist has found a new supply. They are no longer interested in you and are only using you for their own needs. It is best to move on and find someone who will treat you better.

narcissists are driven by an obsession. His entire life is designed to bring about these pleasures, and he directs the entire procedure. It is impossible for him to avoid them by creating a completely biased image of himself. If these – the adulation, admiration, attention, fear, respect, applause, and affirmation – are not forthcoming, the narcissist will demand them. The Narcissistic Supply and Their Sources (NSS) are two categories of narcissists’ supply. In addition to attention, the narcissist’s primary source of income is attention in both its public forms (fame, notoriety, fame, and celebrity) and its private, interpersonal forms (adoration, adulation, applause, fear, and repulsion). In addition to leading a normal life (economic security, social acceptance, upward mobility), the secondary supply includes companionship.

narcissistic world narcissistic world narcissistic world His aggression stems from fantasies or socially legitimate outlets (violent sports, gambling, reckless driving, and compulsive shopping), so it is driven by fantasies or social anxiety. By importing ego functions and boundaries from the outside, an unbalanced personality can be formed inside. narcissistic supply is a trait that cannot be replaced. They do not have any behavioral consistency, rules, or moral considerations attached to them because they do not understand time or the passage of time. narcissists devalue their Sources of Supply for the very qualities that made them such sources in the first place: gullibility, submissiveness, and their (physical or intellectual) inferiority. Narcissists rebel against the perceived oppressors of their frustration and enslavement – sources of narcissistic supply. Fame, notoriety, adulation, fear, applause, and approval are just a few of the types of attention that can be received in NS.

He craves punishment in addition to being imprisoned – his life is a Kafkaesque, ongoing trial that ends in nothing. It is advantageous to penalize a narcissist (reprimanded, incarcerated, abandoned) in order to vindicate and validate their internal damning voices. When the narcissist has complete access to all of his Narcissistic Supply sources, he seeks out his old sources. Fear of losing sources is always a factor in his bad behavior and remorse.

narcissists are desperate and will do anything to ensure that their supply is kept full because that is their only way to survive. Because they are drawn to someone who appears to them to be very special, they treat that person as if they are their own.

When a narcissist is not supplied with narcissistic qualities – both primary and secondary – he or she feels alienated, hollow, or disembowelled. An overpowering sense of evaporation, disintegration into molecules of terrified horror, helplessness, and agony is present.


Narcissists frequently deplete their sources of supply when they are not receiving the supplies they require. A narcissist, for example, may engage in extramarital affairs while maintaining a close relationship with his or her spouse.

According to a survey of 400 narcissistic abuse survivors, narcissistic men usually get bored with their new supply within five months, whereas narcissistic women usually get bored with their new supply within two.

How Long Does Narcissist New Supply Last

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narcissistic traits are desperate and will do anything to ensure that their supply is refilled to survive. They ensure that their supply is replenished by treating this new person in such a way that they appear to them to be unique. The supply refill is only valid for a limited time.

This is a series from Mindset Therapy about how relationships with narcissists change. You’re witnessing your ex-narcissist in a seemingly happy relationship with their new supply. I mean, with your partner. The narcissist’s love bombing process will continue indefinitely with their new partner. When they used to love bombed and idealized you, the narcissist was doing the same thing they were doing when they used to love bombed and idealized you. There is nothing wrong with you, and you are not to blame for your narcissist’s inability to change. You worked as hard as you could on the narcissist, but the relationship ended up the same way you did. The narcissist, like the narcissist before him, is incapable of changing for the new supply, just like you were incapable of changing for the old supply. Telepsychology is the use of which Mindset Therapy provides mental health services in Texas and Washington.

In order to maintain balance and control, the narc will frequently conceal the new supply from the old supply. A niarc often believes that the new person is a threat to their previous supply, as the new person may take away their loved ones’ affection and attention. A common fear of the narc is that the old supply will harshly judge the new supply and end the relationship before it has begun.

Why Narcissists Suck In Relationships

According to the texts, narcissistic relationships are usually only for six to twelve months, with the narcissist experiencing brief decompensatory psychotic episodes if they cannot find narcissistic supply. Furthermore, it is reasonable to assume that a narcissist’s infatuation phase will last several weeks or even years.

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How Do Narcissists Treat Old Supply

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Narcissists typically treat their old supply in one of two ways: with indifference or with contempt. If the narcissist has moved on to a new supply, they will often treat their old supply with indifference, as if they no longer exist. If the narcissist is feeling threatened by the old supply, they may treat them with contempt in an attempt to devalue them.

Narcissists are in charge of their lives because they are praised, regarded, and rewarded for their accomplishments. The narcissist’s treatment of their former supply source has nothing to do with them. Narcissists are prone to insecurity, doubt, and a lack of self-esteem. Given enough time, both primary and secondary supplies are no longer required. Narcissists can be treated for their attention in any form, whether positive or negative, and in any way. Narcissists lack the ability to care about their supply as individuals. In exchange for their supply, the person gives them whatever they require.

narcissists typically find a new partner very quickly (or already had one prior to the discarding). The narcissist only makes this decision when they are confident that they can obtain more supply in the future. They require constant supply because narcissistic people may not have a new relationship or may not have properly trained their new partner to provide the support they require. When narcissistic individuals are unable to obtain what they require, they frequently withdraw from their sources of supply. To the narcissist, tell them that your relationship was never good and that you wanted to make the best of a bad situation. As a result, you’ll only be sucked back into their supply cycle, which is not what you’re looking for. A narcissist feels like they have access to an unlimited supply of power, and they want to share it with everyone.

As you become a reminder of their past self, outgoingness fades as you approach them. Narcissists will frequently use this constant criticism to free themselves from a relationship. You might be able to negotiate a better deal with a narcissist if he or she has a clean break. narcissists return to their old sources of inspiration and fulfillment with open arms. If you want to live a drama-free life full of healthy relationships, refuse to provide those substances.

Why Narcissists Keep Coming Back

Narcissists are incapable of remaining in a relationship because they are emotionally attached to their partner. They believe that narcissists are the central theme of the world. When people enter their lives to find something useful, they are discarded once they have used it.
As a result, narcissists will return to “no contact” until their targets deplete all forms of narcissistic supply, leaving them no choice but to seek out other prey for sustenance.

Signs A Narcissist Is Done With You

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If a narcissist is done with you, they will likely go through a period of devaluation, where they will try to tear you down and make you feel unworthy. They may also withdraw from you completely and disappear for extended periods of time. If you try to reach out to them, they will likely ignore you or give you short, cold responses. Ultimately, if a narcissist is done with you, they will move on to someone else whom they can groom for their own narcissistic supply.

In the texts below, one of the partners is experiencing narcissistic collapse. They are in danger of falling prey to a delusional self-perception, as their grandiose self-perception is crumbling, exposing them to danger. Anger, rage, and lashing out may all be used to regain control over one’s emotions. If you are suffering from narcissistic depression, it is critical that you seek professional help. There is no need to be alone; there are others who can assist you.

When A Narcissist Finds Someone New

The narcissist is always on the lookout for someone new to admire and adore them. They are never satisfied with just one person and are always looking for someone who will give them the attention and admiration they crave. They are often very charming and can be very persuasive in getting people to do what they want. They may even promise things they can’t or won’t deliver just to get what they want.

To thrive, narcissists rely on attention. The narcissist is introduced to this type of attention by the introduction of a new source of attention in the form of a girlfriend or boyfriend. Unfortunately, narcissists do cheat on a regular basis. He was cheating on me for a long time, and I believed my gut instinct when I said he was. My thoughts and feelings were hijacked for days as a result of the affects and aftermath. My soul was stolen by a man who lied, cheated, and abused me to the point that I could not function, and the trauma bond and steady emotional abuse made me unable to function. My pastor, Jeff, who created this blog, has made an enormous difference in my life, and I am grateful to God for using it to educate others about narcissistic abuse.

I know how much you care about your questions. I’m so glad to be able to respond, as I’m sure you’ve felt the same way. As a result, when I was no longer able to distract him from his emotional flaws, I had to look for someone else to do so for me. When my ex-narc was still using drugs, he wasn’t the first one to turn to Al. He’s cheated on me with multiple escorts before, and I’ve written about it before. Do narcissists treat their new supply the same? No, not at all.

They will Lovebomb, Devalue, Disappear, and Hoover you for weeks, months, and years at a time. Survivors of narcissists frequently struggle to come to grips with the idea that love is so different from that of a normal person that they must wrap their heads around it. Because they are unable to love, they do not love the new person as much as they did you. According to one woman, she became relieved when she realized how quickly he had moved on, that he had cheated on her, and that he flaunted it all over the place. It allowed me to realize that I had not become his victim. She claims that, rather than abusing me now, he abused her with a shiny toy. A trauma bond is caused by your abuser’s addiction to you.

During a narcissistic relationship, the abuser employs a manipulation tactic known as intermittent reinforcement. When there are few pleasurable moments combined with cruelty in a toxic relationship, the reward circuits are strengthened. Because emotional abuse can have a greater impact on your brain than physical abuse, you should avoid it. You are addicted to the feeling of relief after being treated so poorly by your partner’s love of your life. You’re not even thinking, and you’re reacting to your addiction. You will become more vulnerable to harm as a result of this. They do a good job of looking at the part, but they are only part of the facade.

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The narcissist believes that approval and validation from others is what heals them, so they do not turn inward and love, validate, and reassure themselves. Those who live to be in the age of 55 will experience loneliness and destitution for the rest of their lives. If you want genuine love and respect from your partner, you should know that they will treat you with care and respect without asking for anything in return.

Narcissists are known for their ability to gain attention and admiration from others. When you’re with someone else, their attention and focus are lost. Because of this, they are unable to understand and act in an appropriate manner.
narcissistic can never change People, like you, are in the same boat and deserve respect.

How To Tell If Narcissist Is Cheating

There are several ways to tell if a narcissist is cheating. One way is to look for changes in their behavior. If they are suddenly more attentive and loving, it may be a sign that they are cheating. Another way to tell is to look for changes in their appearance. If they are dressing differently or wearing more makeup, it may be a sign that they are cheating. Finally, if they are suddenly more secretive and are not sharing as much with you, it may be a sign that they are cheating.

There are ten signs of narcissistic infidelity. Cheaters are narcissistic because they lack self-control. narcissistic behavior is driven by a lack of impulse control, exaggerated self-esteem, a lack of empathy, and a lack of shame, in addition to other flaws. Understanding narcissist cheating signs can be extremely beneficial in avoiding a lot of potential pain and suffering. The more narcissistic, the more likely a person is to lie and cheat. Flirting with others on social media may indicate that a narcissist is cheating on you. It is being claimed that you have an affair.

It is true that the best defense is always the best offense. Narcissists use projection as an example of their deception strategy, which is clearly one of their defenses and clearly one of their favorite tools to fool you into believing they’re cheating. If your partner appears disinterested in you physically, they may be looking for another partner to satisfy their needs. They make their partners believe they are thoughtful and caring, and that they will never cheat on them. Narcissists, on average, will cheat on anyone they’re with, especially if their relationship or marriage is already in place. Despite your narcissism, it does not imply that you are less intelligent than they are. Underestimating their partners is one of the ways they get caught.

Even if they have evidence of your cheating, they are likely to deny everything. It’s also possible that they’re responding by getting angry and gassed. If your partner displays these signs, you should discuss them honestly. Even if they haven’t been cheating, there’s a chance you’d be better off without them.

The Dark Side Of Cheating: Narcissists Who Cheat

In narcissists, they believe they are superior to all other people, including their spouses, due to their grandiose sense of self-importance. They may be aroused by their power and control as a result of engaging in infidelity.
There is also the possibility that cheating can be a way of addressing a lack of intimacy in a relationship. If a narcissist feels they are not being given the respect and attention they require, they may seek out relationships with other people who feel more in control.
When a narcissist is caught cheating, it is important to remember that he or she is not truly sorry. The situation may thus be used by them to increase their control over you and shift blame away from themselves. Don’t be surprised if they try to deceive you with their lies and manipulation; if you’re caught, don’t be duped.

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